Ginza Store

With TKY Concept Store in Ginza Six, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Valentino embark in a fascinating task merging together two Japanese concepts: the “ma”, the invisible space, and the wabi-sabi, the idea of transience and imperfection with Italian unity of space and classical “Beauty”, Bellezza. 

Pierpaolo Piccioli takes over the Ginza Six store, creating the world of Valentino TKY, in collaboration with Sarah Andelman. A space where art, music, future visions and tradition live and pulse together.

In the spirit of  Wakon Yosai, the Japanese spirit Western knowledge, the TKY concept store embodies a new Koubou, a Bottega , an Atelier, experimenting the quality of forms and materials from different points of view: the Italian and the Japanese one.
TKY concept store reopens an imaginary silk road imagining a “far east” turning in an “extreme west”.
The different chapter and capsules created at the TKY concept store will explore the creativity and the craftsmanship of ancient Japanese practices through the input of Valentino’s vision.
TKY concept store is envisioned as a time capsule where culture, crafts and arts are combined in a timeless frame flowing from the past thousands of years into a vibrant present and an imaginary future.  
TKY has invited different artists and brands to envision new ways to reinterpret tradition paying a homage to the Japanese’s long history of many diverse practices and honoring the exciting and exceptional transformation of Japanese’s society in the course of the last century.

Doublet interpretation of Valentino’s imagery gives to the street culture of hoodies and T-shirts a new dimension where a tattoo imagery is transformed into beautiful embroideries where Valentino’s symbols become a new jungle of meanings, of places and of images. 

Undercover cannibalizes Art History and Renaissance’s painting to produce a utterly practical and truly  series of Valentino pouches with an edgy contemporary spirit.

Kouroki brings the famous and unique quality of postwar Japanese denim into the Valentino classic bespoke denim tradition.

The Valentino capsule collection explores and reinvents the youthful Manga’s iconographies transforming Valentino’s traditional animals, the butterfly, the dragon, the panther, the tiger and the snake in new lively manga characters with their own independent identity.
Next to the fashion collaborations, the TKY concept store will offer its guests a fantastic glimpse into different Japanese masterful craftsmanship. 
Yosegi-zaiku, the wooden mosaic art arriving from the Edo period is reinvented by the work of Katsukiyo Tsuyuki. The extreme precision and execution of these art works remind us of the inlaid stones created by master craftsmen at the time of the Renaissance. Through this practice the object becomes at the same time a sculpture, a screen, a pattern and a symbolic space with a unique mesmerizing power for the eye of the viewer. The details seems to flow into the preciousness of the whole.

Yuki Murabyashi brings into present times the art of the Fusumae-shi sliding doors where the surface is both a screen and an architectural element dividing the space. 
Takayuki Miura’s art is a delicate interpretation of Kazar kanzashi ornamental hair pins.
Ichiyu Terai works with the Nohmen-shi noh masks creating contemporary characters.
Tomizo Saratani and Urushi HAKOSE brings into the “now” the Urushi lacquer from 5000 BC. 
Satoshi Kamiya interprets the Origami Muromachi from the Shinto period creating Animals that seem to belong to a sci-fi movie or to delicate Transformer’s monsters. 
Tetsuya Noguchi’s photos place the Samurai figure into daily, almost humble postures. 
Izumi Miyazaki’s  photos express the utterly different idea of what “street culture” means in Japan, a mental state rather than a trendy attitude.

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